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Next Council Meeting - 28th September 2021

Netherbury Parish Council covers the villages of Netherbury, Salwayash and Melplash in West Dorset, situated just north of the market town of Bridport. Each village has its own church and village hall. Although there are three main villages there are smaller hamlets within the parish which are: Atrim, Oxbridge, Waytown, North and South Bowood, Wooth, Silkhay, Mangerton, Whitecross, Filford, Dottery, Hincknowle and Loscombe.

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Premises Licence Parnham House

Dorset Council have provided the following update on amendments to the recent Premises Licence Application at Parnham House:

  • Externally all licensing activities except the sale of alcohol and late night refreshments shall cease at 23.00hrs except for on 10 separate occasions/year when the activity may extend to 01.00hrs. The events which are permitted to 01.00hrs shall not occur on consecutive weekends and with no more than 2 any one calendar month. Such events shall be notified to the licensing authority at least 1 month in advance. These external activities shall be limited to that identified on the applicants plan as outlined in blue on the master plan.
  • Internal events within buildings shown on the master plan can be held from 08.00 to 02.00hrs providing doors and windows remain shut during the period of licensable activities (except the supply of alcohol and late night refreshment) on Thurs – Sat. All other days the regulated entertainment activity shall cease at midnight.
  • A noise management statement and plan shall be supplied 2 months prior, or such other time as agreed by the Environmental Protection Team, to the first live or recorded music event, or any such activity that may give rise to amplified music or speech, and be agreed by the Environmental Protection Team as being a satisfactory means of controlling possible breaches of the public nuisance objective. Such as report shall be produced by a competent acoustic consultant. The report must be reviewed annually and any changes to the way in which sound is conveyed or the location shall be supplied to the licensing authority. 

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Netherbury Parish Council Boundaries

Netherbury Parish Council Boundaries
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