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Next Council Meeting - 22nd September 2020 

Netherbury Parish Council covers the villages of Netherbury, Salwayash and Melplash in West Dorset, situated just north of the market town of Bridport. Each village has its own church and village hall. Although there are three main villages there are smaller hamlets within the parish which are: Atrim, Oxbridge, Waytown, North and South Bowood, Wooth, Silkhay, Mangerton, Whitecross, Filford, Dottery, Hincknowle and Loscombe.

Latest News 

A group of local people have set up a support group to help those within the parish who are having to self isolate. They will help collect shopping, medication and post mail, as well as being able to pick up the phone to check on one another. Information on how to access this support has been posted through doors.  There is also a Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/groups/netherburysupport/ 

If you would like to access current information on the coronavirus the following link has information from the Department for Health and Social Care and Public Health England.



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You can also visit Dorset Council to view their dedicated Covid-19 page with the latest updates and advice.


Click on the Community Information tab to access further Covid-19 support information.



Netherbury Parish Council Boundaries

Netherbury Parish Council Boundaries
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