The Parish Council are notified of planning applications and results through West Dorset District Council. Councillors look at applications and provide observations where necessary.

You can search, track planning applications and provide comments through Dorset For You 

The following applications are currently under consultation:


WD/D/20/001903, ALPHA ALPACAS, BEAMINSTER ROAD, MELPLASH, BRIDPORT, DT6 3TU (Comments before 23rd October) 

WD/D/20/001969, HIGHER FORD FARM, PINEAPPLE LANE, SALWAYASH, BRIDPORT, DT6 5HZ (Comments before 16th October)

WD/D/20/001482, LOWER MOUNT FARM, THE MOUNT, MELPLASH, BRIDPORT, DT6 3TX (Comments before 31st August) 

WD/D/20/001540, MARSHWOOD VIEW, DOTTERY ROAD, SALWAYASH, BRIDPORT, DT6 5HX (Comments before 9th August)

WD/D/20/001357, SEAVIEW FARM, ASH LANE, SALWAYASH, BRIDPORT, DT6 5JA (Comments before 18th July)

WD/D/20/000937, 31 SALWAY DRIVE, SALWAYASH, BRIDPORT, DT6 5LD (Comments before 24th May) 

WD/D/20/000837, SLEEPY HOLLOW, FILFORD LANE, BOWOOD, BRIDPORT, DT6 5JN (Comments before 19th May)

WD/D/20/000579, BRANDON GARAGE, NEW INN STREET, NETHERBURY, BRIDPORT, DT6 5LR (Comments before 20th April)

WD/D/20/000484, KINGSLAND HOUSE, SALWAYASH, BRIDPORT, DT6 5JF (Comments before 19th April)

WD/D/20/000307, STRONG ORCHARDS, PINEAPPLE LANE, WAYTOWN, BRIDPORT, DT6 5HZ (Comments before 5th April)

WD/D/20/000271, WREN COTTAGE, BRIDGE STREET, NETHERBURY, BRIDPORT, DT6 5LS (Comments before 30th March 2020)

WD/D/20/000259, GREENWOOD, BRIDGE STREET, NETHERBURY, BRIDPORT, DT6 5LS (Comments before 30th March 2020)