The Parish Council are notified of planning applications through Dorset Council. Councillors look at applications and provide observations where necessary.

You can search, track planning applications and provide comments through Dorset Council Planning 

Recent applications within the parish are listed below and can be searched for using the above link and putting in the reference numbers below in the search by application box: 

P/RES/2024/02292, Land Adjacent Killick Cottage Dottery Road Salwayash Bridport DT6 5HU (Comments by 31st May) 

P/FUL/2024/02052, Land North East Of Strongate Lane Salwayash Bridport Dorset DT6 5JB (Comments by 15th May) 

P/STA/2024/01442, Lower Mount Barn Melplash DT6 3TX (Comments by 8th April) 

P/HOU/2024/01119 , Tower View Slape Hill Waytown Dorset DT6 5LG (Comments by 29th March) 

P/FUL/2024/00314, Old Bidlake Farm Campsite Access To Bidlake Farm Broadoak DT6 5PY (Comments by 21st February)

P/HOU/2024/00366, Highfield House Bridge Street Netherbury Dorset DT6 5LS (Comments by 15th February) 

P/FUL/2023/07162 , Land Adjacent Round Hill Coppice Mythe Hill Quarry Entrance Mapperton To Junction Twinways Lane Melplash (Comments by 30th January) 

P/HOU/2023/07293, The Old Cottage St James Road Netherbury Dorset DT6 5LW (Comments by 10th January) 

P/LBC/2023/07236 , West Cottage Filford Lane Bowood DT6 5JN (Comments by 10th January) 

P/FUL/2023/06621 , Land North East of Strongate Lane Salwayash Bridport Dorset (Comments by 4th January)