The Parish Council are notified of planning applications through Dorset Council. Councillors look at applications and provide observations where necessary.

You can search, track planning applications and provide comments through Dorset Council Planning 

Recent applications within the parish are listed below and can be searched for using the above link and putting in the reference numbers below in the search by application box: 


P/HOU/2023/06561, Regina Cottage Mangerton Lane Mangerton Bridport DT6 3SG (Comments by 4th December) 

P/HOU/2023/05900, Columba Cottage Slape Hill Waytown DT6 5LG (Comments by 6th November) 

P/HOU/2023/05552, 14 Twinways Lane Melplash Dorset DT6 3UQ (Comments by 26th October) 

P/HOU/2023/05464, Regina Cottage Mangerton Lane Mangerton Bridport DT6 3SG (Comments by 24th October) 

P/FUL/2023/04091 & P/LBC/2023/04092, Dower House Parnham House Parnham Beaminster DT8 3LZ (Comments by 24th October) 

P/FUL/2023/04409, North Bowood Farmhouse North Bowood Lane North Bowood, DT6 5JL (Comments by 17th October)

P/FUL/2022/05748, Binghams Grange Touring And Camping Park DT6 3TT  (Comments by 29th September)

P/HOU/2023/05037, Lower Atrim Farm Cottage Broadoak To Atrim Road Broadoak DT6 5PX (Comments by 28th September)

P/HOU/2023/04510, 2 Brinsham Cottages Pineapple Lane Salwayash DT6 5HY (Comments by 4th September) 

P/HOU/2023/04126, Mangerton Mill Mangerton DT6 3SG (Comments by 21st August) 

P/CLE/2023/02602, Ashfield Farm B3162 From Furleigh Cross To Junction Whithay Lane Salwayash  (Comments by 18th June)

P/HOU/2023/03032, 10 Twinways Lane Melplash DT6 3UQ (Comments by 22nd June) 

P/FUL/2023/02743, Ashfield Farm B3162 From Furleigh Cross To Junction Whithay Lane Salwayash (Comments by 8th June)

P/FUL/2023/01597, The Cottage Strongate Lane Salwayash Dorset DT6 5JB (Comments by 18th May) 

P/FUL/2023/02225, Cranleigh Yard Crooked Oak Hill Melplash (Comments by 18th May) 

P/HOU/2023/02046, P/LBC/2023/02048, River Cottage Slape Hill Netherbury Dorset DT6 5LJ (Comments by 18th May)