The Parish Council are notified of planning applications and results through West Dorset District Council. Councillors look at applications and provide observations where necessary.

You can search, track planning applications and provide comments through Dorset For You 

The following applications are currently under consultation:


WD/D/19/001526, HIGHER KERSHAY FARM, WHITHAY LANE, SALWAYASH, BRIDPORT, DT6 5JE (Comments by 3rd August 2019) 

WD/D/19/001102, LAND WEST OF SEAVIEW FARM, ASH LANE, SALWAYASH (Comments by 16th June) 

WD/D/19/000811, THE HARE AND HOUNDS INN, SLAPE HILL, WAYTOWN, BRIDPORT, DT6 5LQ (Comments by 11th May 2019)

WD/D/19/000661, LAND NORTH OF STRONGATE LANE, SALWAY ASH, DT6 5JB  (Comments by 3rd May 2019)

WD/D/19/000350 , BRANDON GARAGE, NEW INN STREET, NETHERBURY, BRIDPORT, DT6 5LR (Comments by 25th March 2019

WD/D/18/002913, SEAVIEW FARM, ASH LANE, SALWAYASH, BRIDPORT, DT6 5JA (Comments by 8th February 2019)

WD/D/18/002846, YARDLEY, NORTH BOWOOD, BRIDPORT, DT6 5JJ (Comments by 2nd February 2019)

WD/D/18/002843WD/D/18/002844, DORMOUSE COTTAGE, BRIDGE STREET, NETHERBURY, DT6 5LS (Comments by 2nd February 2019)